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Favourite moviesGrease (1978)

You’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’

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I need a cute boy in my life and my bed

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Why does everyone in this house have to constantly talk about my weight? Like way to make me feel good about myself.

Aladdin on Broadway

Yesterday my aunt took me to see Aladdin as a graduation present. After meeting up at 8am, we literally ran all over Times Square trying to get tickets. They don’t do rush tickets anymore which we didn’t know. So we went to the TKTS booth and waited for it to open. But of course, they didn’t have any Aladdin tickets for that day. So we tried killing time until we had to go back to the theater and try our luck with the lottery. Times Square is actually nice when it’s early and no one is around. Thanks to her having to use the bathroom we ended up in the Marriott. Inside the Marriott is a ticket booth and they had the exact tickets we needed. BUT, they were pricey so we decided to wait until the lottery
Fast forward a couple hours and it’s time for the lottery drawing. We didn’t win. So we ran back to the Marriott in a last ditch effort and hallelujah we got the last two tickets for the evening show. The show is sold out until next Tuesday.

The actual show was incredible. It was literally magical. And anyone who knows me knows how much I love Disney, so that made it even better. And yes I started to cry when they took their magic carpet ride. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I don’t get to see shows very often so this was really special for me. After I finished my production of Nine in school I felt like I didn’t want to perform anymore. I just kept feeling like I had lost my passion and drive. I didn’t think I’d ever stand a chance. But seeing Aladdin and meeting the cast added fuel to my fire again. I could tell how much they loved what they were doing and I want to be the same way.

Seeing people do what you love is something else. And when I saw it I got the same feeling I did the first time I ever saw a Broadway show; that that could be me up there. And I have to try.

So all in all it was an amazing, fun day. Also, Adam Jacobs is just as cute in person.

If I tell you I understand how you feel it’s because I actually do. I don’t say things just to say it.

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